About the catalogue
The catalogue contains collection descriptions relating to the majority of our holdings. In addition, many collections have been listed in more detail. Each discreet collection has a Reference Code, when searching use an * next to this code for example, PER*.

Use the search box (top right) to search across titles and descriptions in the catalogue. For more advanced searches you can use the search options in the left menu; you can search for people, places, events and organisations. You can find more information about searching the catalogue in “Help”. In addition, there is a “Glossary” explaining some of the archival terms you may come across.

For digitised collections select “Virtual Archive”, it contains digital copies of items such as engineer’s notebooks (this will take you out of the Archive Catalogue). The “Picture Gallery” includes our visual collections, such as photographs and engineering drawings (this will take you out of the Archive Catalogue).

Most collections are available to researchers in our Library at One Birdcage Walk. The Library also contains specialist collections of mechanical engineering books, pamphlets, journals and electronic materials. Information about all our collections, and how to use them, are available on our website. We operate by appointment, email archive@imeche.org to find out more.

Reference Codes
These are used to identify specific collections, so you can easily view related materials. We are undertaking several large cataloguing projects for our Stephenson, Nasmyth and other holdings. If you cannot find items please contact us.

    Engineering Collections, business and personal papers:
  AEC Arthur Edward Chard, photographs and images for various Railway Companies
  BAW Boulton and Watt Company, company drawings
  BIC BICEMA, British Internal Combustion Engine Manufacturers' Association papers
  BUS Business Papers, collections of various businesses/companies (includes papers, photographs and drawings)
  CAR Denis Rock Carling, personal and company papers (Locomotive Testing Station, Rugby)
  ELF George Stephen Elfer, personal, business and educational papers
  HIN Sir Christopher Hinton (Lord Hinton of Bankside), personal and business papers
  HPC Hydraulic Power Company, company papers (including subsidiaries eg London/ Hull Hydraulic Power Company)
  HUD Robert Hudson and Company, company papers
  HUT Alexander Caldwell Hutchinson, personal and educational papers (gas turbines)
  LAN Frederick Henry Lanchester, includes Lanchester Motor Company
  LEM Sir Ernest Lemon, personal papers
  LIV Livesey and Henderson, railway company papers
  NAS James Nasmyth, company papers, includes Nasmyth, Gaskell and Company, James Nasmyth and Company, Patricroft Ironworks and Nasmyth Wilson and Company
  NAP D Napier and Son, engine builders company papers, photographs and drawings
  PER Personal Papers, collections of various individual engineers (includes papers, photographs and drawings)
  FES Sir Frank Ewart Smith, personal papers (includes V2 material)
  STE George and Robert Stephenson Collections, personal and various company papers (including Clay Cross and both Stephensons' businesses)
  THR Thomas Hurry Riches, photographs and drawings for various Railway Companies
  WAT Norman Charles Watney, personal and company papers (Indian railways)
  WHI Whitworth and Company, company papers
    IMECHE Collections, includes merged Institutions:
  ILE Institution of Automobile Engineers archive, including membership records, 1905-1980
  ILE Institution of Locomotive Engineers archive, including membership records, 1911-1969
  IME Institution of Mechanical Engineers archive, 1847-2010

IME contains: Council Minutes, 1847-1986; Council Papers, 1947-1972; Committee Minute Books, 1878-1987; Committee Papers, 1954-1981; Ordinary/General Meeting Minutes, 1847-1986; IMechE Attendance Books, 1847-1927; IMechE Membership Proposal Forms, 1847-1972; IMechE Membership Signature Books, 1847-1907; IMechE Membership Register Books, 1847-1969; Secretary papers, 1846-1970; Proceedings originals and plates, 1847-1993; Account Books, 1847-1930; Library papers, 1897-1970; Photographs, printed items and artefacts.

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