Person/Organisation NameCarling; Dennis Rock (29 Mar 1906-1992); Railway engineer
ForenamesDennis Rock
Dates29 Mar 1906-1992
EpithetRailway engineer
ActivityCarling was Superintendent of the Rugby Locomotive Testing station. He was a son of Sir Ernest Rock Carling FRCS, an eminent surgeon and specialist in radiology. He gained the Mechanical Sciences Tripos at Trinity Hall, Cambridge in 1928 and went straight to Beyer Peacock for a two year apprenticeship during which time delivered the 1930 Garratts to the LMS. In 1931 he took a sabbatical and visited most of the locomotive builders in Europe before joining the family firm. He went to the LNER in 1936 as an assistant with the dynamometer car, going to the Admiralty in 1939 in a technical capacity (Riddles in introduction to ILocoE Paper 497 noted that he had worked on magntic mines and torpedoes during WW2). After the war he rejoined the LNER and owing to the unexpected death of D.W. Sandford was made head of the Rugby Test Plant throughout its steam operations, 1948-1959. Some of his contributions to the discussions on papers presented at meetings of the Newcomen Society are autobiographical and show that he had experience at Hunslet before joining the LNER to work on locomotive testing.
CAR/3/2/21"Report R17..Western Region..Manor Class 4-6-0"
CAR/3/6/14"Why Test Locomotives"
CAR/4/5/7"Webb Compounds Abroad"
CAR/3/3/1Locomotive Testing Joint Sub-Committee
CAR/4/5/4"The Predicition and Assessment of Steam Locomotive Performance"
CAR/3/1Testing papers and drawings
CAR/4/5/14"Locomotive Testing Stations"
CAR/1/5Nitric Acid
CAR/3/2/1Drafts and interim reports
CAR/3/6/10/2Photographs and illustrations
CAR/3/6/8"The Devlopment of Locomotive Testing"
CAR/2London and North Eastern Railway (LNER)
CAR/1/6"Secret TDS"
CAR/2/1Working notebooks
CAR/3/1/3Summary of tests at Rugby
CAR/3/2/4"Report of Tests with B17..."
CAR/4/1Garratt locomotive research
CAR/3/1/2"Locomotive Testing at Rugby"
CAR/3/1/8Hall Class bulletin
CAR/3/1/11Testing notes
CAR/3/1/5"Character Performance and Efficiency Tests..."
CAR/3/1/9Cost of energy
CAR/3/1/12Locomotive diagrams
CAR/3/6/7Letters to Carling
CAR/3/1/7"Continuous Brakes on Freight Trains"
CAR/5/3Illustrated magazines
CAR/3/2/3British Coal Utilisation Research Association
CAR/3/1/10Test results
CAR/3/4/3"Laboratory for Locomotives"
CAR/3/4/6Locomotive Inspectors' Conference
CAR/3/6/10"Locomotive Testing Stations"
CAR/3/6/5Newbury Instruments ltd to Carling
CAR/3/4/516th International Railway Congress
CAR/3/5/3Travel tickets
CAR/3/5Finance and business papers
CAR/3/5/1Finance papers
CAR/3/5/2'Sickness' form
CAR/3/6/6Correspondence: HG Ivatt and APJ Ball
CAR/3/6/2British Transport Commission and Carling
CAR/3/7/2British Railways Board
CAR/3/6/3British Transport Commission and National Coal Board
CAR/3/6/4British Railways to Carling
CAR/5/13Railway Research Index Division
CAR/3/6/13"Locomotive Testing"
CAR/3/6/11"Railway Traction"
CAR/3/6/10/1Alan Betts to Carling
CAR/3/7Comminiques and Bulletins
CAR/3/4/1Official opening
CAR/3/3Committee papers
CAR/3/4/2Visitor Book
CAR/3/6/12"Locomotive Testing"
CAR/3/6Business letters and lectures
CAR/3/2/5"Report R18...BR STD Class 9 2-10-0"
CAR/3/2/2Report L116
CAR/3/2/13"Report R3..Class 5"
CAR/4 Personal research
CAR/1/7Notes and sundry items
CAR/3/2/6"Report R13...LM Region Duchess Class...4-6-2"
CAR/3/2/8"Report W16..Western Region "Hall" Class...4-6-0"
CAR/3/2/10"Report R6..British Railways Standard Class 7 4-6-2"
CAR/3/2/7"Report R17..BR Class 9 2-10-0"
CAR/3/2/17"Report R11..LMR Class 6..4-6-0"
CAR/4/2/54-8-0: marked-up copy
CAR/3/2/14"Report R9..BR Standard Class 9 2-10-0"
CAR/3/1/15Locomotive Testing at Swindon
CAR/3/2/16"Report R5..B1 Class"
CAR/3/2/18"Report W27..Southern Region..Diesel Electric"
CAR/4/2/44-8-0: drafts
CAR/3/2/20"Western Region..Dynamometer Car"
CAR/4/5/26"Some Locomotive and Railway Incidents"
CAR/4/2/14-8-0: research
CAR/3/7/1British Transport Commission
CAR/4/2/64-8-0: drawings and charts
CARDennis Rock Carling
CAR/3/2/9Report W37 and W32: "Comments of SO Ell"
CAR/4/2"4-8-0 Tender Locomotives"
CAR/4/2/24-8-0: synopsis
CAR/4/5/25"Six-Wheeled Bogies"
CAR/4/2/34-8-0: index
CAR/4/2/74-8-0: letters and paperwork
CAR/4/5/27"Goods and Freight Engines..."
CAR/4/2/84-8-0: advert
CAR/5Personal effects
CAR/5/2"Bird Notes"
CAR/3/4/7Training materials
CAR/3/3/4Technical Committee
CAR/3/2/19"Report W102..Western Region..Diesel Hydraulic"
CAR/2/3"Air Raid Precautions"
CAR/5/8Railway magazines
CAR/5/6Cards and tickets
CAR/5/10Personal paperwork
CAR/5/11Sir Ernest Rock Carling
CAR/5/12Newcomen Society
CAR/4/4Railway performance data
CAR/3/7/4Electrical Research Division
CAR/4/5/11"British Railway Locomotive Testing Station, Rugby"
CAR/4/5Lectures, talks and papers
CAR/4/5/1"An American Odyssey"
CAR/4/5/2"A Brief History of the Counter Pressure Brake for Steam Locomotives"
CAR/4/5/3"The Merchant Navy at Rugby Testing Station"
CAR/5/14Bristol College of Science and Technology
CAR/4/5/9"Dynamometer Cars"
CAR/4/5/5"Steam Locomotive Development in Argentina...."
CAR/4/5/6"The Kitson-Still Locomotive"
CAR/4/5/8"Locomotive Testing in Great Britain"
CAR/4/5/32"The Garratt and Other Types of Locomotives"
CAR/4/5/13"The Farnboro' Electric Indicator and its Application to the Steam Locomotive"
CAR/4/5/12"Some Details of Locomotive Design Affecting the Footplate Man"
CAR/4/8/3/5French locomotives
CAR/4/5/30"What Was Wrong"
CAR/4/5/22"Back to Front Locomotives"
CAR/4/5/18"Investigation of the Processes of Heat Transfer in Locomotive Boilers"
CAR/3/6/1Franco-Crosti Boiler
CAR/4/7Locomotive research
CAR/3/3/2Mechanical Engineering Committee
CAR/3/2/15"Report L109..London Midland Region Class 8..4-6-2"
CAR/5/15Institution of Locomotive Engineers (ILochE)
CAR/3/8Office de Recherches et d'Essais (ORE)
CAR/4/5/20"An Outline of Locomotive Testing on British Railways"
CAR/3/3/3Locomotive Testing Committee
CAR/4/5/21"An Unusual Locomotive Run"
CAR/4/5/23"150 Years of German Railways"
CAR/4/5/31"The Largest Aspidistra in the World"
CAR/4/5/15"Engerth Locomotives"
CAR/5/17Newspaper clippings
CAR/3/4/8Introductory lectures
CAR/3/2/12"Report L116..Reconciliation..Mobile Test Plant and..LTS"
CAR/3/5/4"Project Review"
CAR/4/5/28"Individual Axle Drive for Steam Locomotives"
CAR/3/1/4Interchange of Locomotive
CAR/3/8/1"Report B44 Tests of Rail Sparking to Improve Adhesion..."
CAR/3/4/4Visit information
CAR/3/6/16Headed paper
CAR/3/1/6Test results by locomotive no
CAR/4/8Photographs and images
CAR/4/9/2South African Railways (SAR)
CAR/4/9/6Krauss locomotive
CAR/4/9Engineering drawings
CAR/4/8/3/7International locomotives
CAR/4/8/3/1Testing plants
CAR/4/9/8British Rail
CAR/4/9/7Everard Richard Calthrope locomotive
CAR/4/9/4English Electric (EE)
CAR/4/9/5RR Deem
CAR/4/9/10German Railways
CAR/4/9/9Research drawings
CAR/4/8/3Photographic prints
CAR/3Locomotive Testing Station
CAR/4/8/3/3American locomotives
CAR/4/8/3/2British locomotives
CAR/4/8/3/4Austrian locomotives
CAR/3/1/14Time Displacement Diagram
CAR/4/8/3/10Ghanan locomotives
CAR/4/8/3/8South American locomotives
CAR/4/8/3/9Unidentified locomotives
CAR/1Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee
CAR/3/1/1Testing: Class 9
CAR/3/6/15Vittone draughting arrangement
CAR/4/3Locomotive lists
CAR/4/5/10"Experiences with East Coast Pacifics and V2's"
CAR/4/8/3/6Spanish locomotives
CAR/3/2/11"Report E229..Cylinder Performance of Steam Locomotives"
CAR/4/2/94-8-0: corrections and additions
CAR/4/5/16"Locomotives Testing at Rugby"
CAR/5/1"Fragments From France"
CAR/3/1/16Andre Chapelon
CAR/4/8/1Lecture slides
CAR/4/6PND Porter's research
CAR/4/5/17"Locomotive Testing"
CAR/4/5/19"Experiences with the LNER Dynamometer Car"
CAR/3/6/9"Locomotive Testing in Great Britain"
CAR/4/5/24"4-8-4 Tank Engines"
CAR/1/1Hydrogen Peroxide
CAR/3/7/3Published Bulletins
CAR/4/8/2Adolph Giesl-Gieslingen
CAR/4/9/1"Station d'Essais de Vitry"
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