TitleD Napier and Son
DescriptionA large part of D.Napier & Son business from 1946 to 2014 was the design and manufacture of units for the diesel engines of English Electric Company and many others under the name of "Turbochargers" or "Turbo Blowers", produced at Acton and Liverpool works. Tens of thousands were built in various sizes for widespread use all over the world to turbocharge diesels for boats, locomotives and generating plants. The drawing numbers for these were separate to Napier engines however, and don't appear on the "Engine Number list" but were seen as additional products. Napier Turbocharger Company in Lincoln was finally bought-out by WABTEC in 2014.

Items are arranged by engine type, except for photographs which are catalogued in their original order; models are also separate. For engines, materials generally includes

NAP/1: Administrative (business-wide records such as minutes)
NAP/2: Reports (cross-departmental/engine type)
NAP/3: Objects (models and trophies)
NAP/4: Photographs (cross-departmental/engine type; mainly produced by Napier for advertising)
NAP/5: Lion/Lioness
NAP/6: Sabre
NAP/7: Gazelle
NAP/8: Deltic
NAP/9: Scorpion
NAP/10: Nomad
NAP/11: Eland

Note: the colleciton is currently being catalogued (2017-18) and so if you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us.

There are a large number of drawings, images on catalogue records, Napier called these sketches although they ar etechnical/detailed drawings. The following is taken from the manual of Napier Drawing Office Practice, 1952. Many of the drawings predate the manual by a number of years, and fall into the catagory of Past Practice:

"Sketches are drawings used either to supplement data given on detail drawings or to record information that is not necessarily related to particular drawings but is, nevertheless, essential to manufacture. Sketches relevant to a particular detail drawing are quoted on the drawing, and they thereby dorm a suitable space for information that would probably crowd the drawing. Sketches that are concerned with a particular aspect of manufacture are recorded in a Master Reference Drawing, or in the relevant Specification. A further use for Sketches is to record material specifications, either for special materials or abridges standard specifications. Past Practice: At one time Sketches were used as Stamping Drawings and some of the Stamping Dies recorded by this method are still alive."
Extent81 boxes
Physical DescriptionBound volumes and files
Dimensionsvarious sizes
Access StatusOpen
CodePerson/Organisation NameDates
NA456D Napier & Son Ltd; 1808-1942; motor car and aircraft engine manufacturers1808-1942
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